Motivation can be found in many different ways, if you can focus on your determination to overcome the odds, rather than how easy it is to quit. – Dr.Phillip Terrance

Everyone around is talking about how to keep ourselves motivated. Motivation, I believe, is very personal. It isn’t an ‘all-encompassing’ concept. Writing a blog might keep me alive for a week while a daily dose of exercise might keep someone else going.

Staying motivated, especially in such times, is a choice. The last few months saw almost all of us experiencing lower vibrational states. What we need is some soul searching on what excites us and how can we really practice that instead of finding our motivators outside in books, videos or discussions.

Small packets of happiness do act as big motivators at times. So, despite being in a situation which is keeping us bound or restricted, let us not ignore the little happiness we are experiencing while giving a hand in the kitchen or caressing our plants or even decluttering our wardrobe. Your list can be exhaustive (read as my list, motivation is personal as I said). These times have given birth to so many homegrown bakers, gardening experts, musicians, doodle artists, bloggers and whatnot. And that to me is a jolt of happiness.

Let’s take the driver’s seat, and keep fulfilling our responsibilities while not forgetting what keeps us happy. We all deserve to live a life that we are excited about. When we are inspired, we find a drive and feel good about what we are doing.

Let’s create a life we love.