With reference to the theory of ‘Survival of the fittest’, researchers believe that lack of effective treatment options for the virus, the battle of surviving through this infection is totally dependent on an individual’s immune response.

Well, there’s another perspective to Darwin’s theory in the current scenario. The struggle to survive has been there since time immemorial. Darwin had applied this idea to nature and had concluded that in the thrust to survive, animals adapt and those that do this successfully shall be tagged as ones who are adaptable.

Adaptability is a critical skill today, more so during this situation. It is the skill to change ourselves according to the situation and drive the best possible results even in challenging circumstances. Adaptability asks us to not be a deer in the headlight and stare but to take action.

When we talk of adaptability and survival here, we should also not limit our thinking just to the working fraternity who is being asked to practically live their lives online. Let us also think of the children, who are attending school online, a thought that wasn’t going to turn into a reality soon. Let us also take into consideration hobby classes like music and painting running online today, which supposedly always required a one on one session. And let us also think of females who are grappling yet unconsciously adapting to managing with household chores in absence of any domestic help (still prevalent) along with managing their work and children.

Challenges are bliss for sure. It is wise to not be emotional and react, but be logical and act. Five years from now, this won’t even matter because we would have emerged victorious.

The new normal will become the normal soon, who knows, but challenges will keep coming.

What would you choose – Being adaptive to the situation or being a captive?